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Privacy Policy

In order to protect your personal information, Stasia Capital Holdings and the Stasia Capital Group (subsequently “Stasia”) have established the following Privacy Policy, as well as putting in place measures to protect personal information and comprehensive initiatives to ensure that all employees are sufficiently aware of the importance of protecting personal information.

1. Acquisition, use and disclosure of personal information

When Stasia acquires your personal information, we will clarify in advance the purposes for which we will use it and whether or not we will disclose it to any third parties. Stasia will ask for your consent before using the information appropriately within the the original purposes of use and implement measures to ensure that the information is not used beyond these purposes.
In case Stasia outsources the handling of personal information to third parties, or provides your personal information to a third party for any reason, we will select parties who satisfy the standards of this policy and ensure that those parties are contractually required to handle your personal information appropriately.

2. Management of Personal Information

Stasia will enforce reasonable technical and organizational measures to ensure that the information you provide us is not leaked, destroyed, altered or accessed illegally. Also in the event that such breach of this agreement should occur, Stasia will promptly take the necessary measures to rectify the situation.

3. Compliance with Legal Requirements and Government Guidelines.

Stasia will handle your personal information in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines established by the government and its agencies (including independent institutions or agencies created by the government).

4. Continuous Improvement of our Personal Information Protection Management System

In order to ensure that your personal information is adequately protected, we are continually working to improve our Personal Information Protection Management System. This includes revising the contents of this statement as well as any other relevant internal rules and regulations. Accordingly, Stasia may make amendments to the contents of this Privacy Statement from time to time. In the event of any such changes, details of the amended Policy will be posted on Stasia’s website.

5. Responding to Inquiries, Complaints and Requests for the Disclosure of Personal Information

Except where otherwise required by law, Stasia will respond promptly to any and all requests that we receive in relation to the disclosure, amendment, addition, deletion or non-disclosure of personal information in our possession, and to inquiries or complaints in relation to our handling of personal information.