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Global Real Estate Consulting

For Business Clients

Global Real Estate Investment Consulting for Business Clients

Global Real Estate Consulting

Comprehensive Advisories for companies engaged in global expansion

We provide full support for your company as an investor side agent. We are also developing our rental agency business to include commercial properties such as overseas offices and commercial facilities.

We have established offices in 9 locations around the world, where we are engaged in real estate consulting and asset management. These include the most common investment destination, the U.S., as well as the UK, Malaysia and other locations.

We seek to provide overall support for your company’s expansion overseas, covering a wide scope of services from recommending investment properties to exit strategies.

Support Areas

Global Real Estate Consulting

Global Real Estate ConsultingGlobal real estate consulting: Selection of investment targets, arranging inspections, and proposal of investment schemes

We select the optimal investment targets based on your company’s investment criteria, and conduct basic research on these investment targets. We also take care of arranging ocular inspections of the property and conduct all necessary research and planning, from proposing the most appropriate investment scheme for the investment target, to analysis of market trends, and formulation of an appropriate exit strategy. We even provide support for preparing and translating documents required for contracts and legal checks.

Global Real Estate Consulting

Global Real Estate ConsultingFund Creation Consulting, Support for Financing, Introduction of Co-Investors

We provide comprehensive consulting in relation to the creation of funds for investment in real estate, selection of properties for incorporation in funds, and planning of investment structures. On the financial side, we provide consulting in relation to raising new investment capital through offshore, onshore and cross-border funds and also introduce co-investors for the formation of joint ventures.

Global Real Estate Consulting

Global Real Estate ConsultingMarket Research

We carry out multifaceted analyses from a macro- and micro- perspective of a wide range of areas including demand for real estate, costs, and trends in rental prices. We conduct real estate market surveys appropriate to your company’s needs, and present reports, while paying careful attention to locally conducted surveys and accurate reporting of the current global real estate market.

Global Real Estate Consulting

Global Real Estate ConsultingProfitability Analysis, Due Diligence, Tax and Legal Advice

We gather all of the necessary data, such as statistics and the results of local site inspections, to conduct a profitability analysis of the investment target. We submit due diligence reports on the investment target in line with Japanese standards, and introduce reliable specialists, such as lawyers and accountants, who are thoroughly familiar with the local areas.

Global Real Estate Consulting

Global Real Estate ConsultingAsset Management and Property Management

We handle the asset management and property management for you in a consolidated manner. We offer concrete advice on adding value to properties and provide you with regular management reports about the property, so you can relax and leave the details to us.

Global Real Estate Consulting

Global Real Estate ConsultingAgent for Rental Offices and Commercial Facilities

The Stasia Group is thoroughly familiar with the current trends in relation to global expansion (and transfer and expansion of overseas offices) by Japanese companies. So this is one more thing that you can relax and leave entirely to us. We will introduce you to the optimal office for your situation, chosen with consideration for your budget and the future development of your company’s business, as well as the trends in the real estate market. You can even consult us about matters after the conclusion of the contract that need to be resolved before you can move in, such as registrations required from corporate tenants and interior fit-outs.