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Global Real Estate Consulting

For Individual Clients

Global Real Estate Consulting for Individual Clients

Global Real Estate Consulting

We Provide Total Solutions for Investment in Global Real Estate

We recommend potential properties for investment in countries and regions where asset values are expected to rise in the future and provide support, for example to employees who are sent on overseas assignments, in all aspects of finding a place to live.

Also, to help you overcome language barriers, we conduct all of our communications, from initial inquiries to follow up services, in Japanese and provide thorough support for any language issues you encounter, so you that can relax and focus on buying real estate.

Support Areas

Global Real Estate Consulting

Global Real Estate ConsultingGlobal Real Estate Consulting: Introducing Investment Properties

We introduce properties that match the investment criteria of our clients. At Stasia Capital, we locate investment properties overseas and then introduce them to you. Even if you don’t know much about global real estate, our Group’s consultants will give you thorough guidance on investing in global real estate.

Global Real Estate Consulting

Global Real Estate ConsultingGlobal Real Estate Consulting: Support During the Purchasing and Loan Application Processes

At Stasia Capital we provide support throughout the entire purchasing process. Even if you don’t understand foreign languages, our consultants will explain everything to you thoroughly in Japanese. We are also ready to provide advice for clients who are thinking of taking out a loan for investment purposes.

Global Real Estate Consulting

Global Real Estate ConsultingProperty Management

We also manage our investors’ properties. Our consultants cooperate with local real estate companies to manage the property on the client’s behalf. We provide regular management reports and put in place a highly reliable management structure.

Global Real Estate Consulting

Global Real Estate ConsultingSale Process

Let Stasia Capital sell your property for you. In the same way as when you purchased the property, our consultants will help you sell your real estate as well.

Global Real Estate Consulting

Global Real Estate ConsultingIntroduction of Rental Housing

We introduce rental housing for employees who are being transferred overseas for the first time, or anyone who is starting a new life overseas. Please tell us your desired area, budget, layout and when you want to move in. We will assist you in making all the necessary preparations to move in. Our group’s consultants will make arrangements for you to inspect properties. We will help you make all the necessary preparation for moving in, such as conclusion of the rental contract, installation of furnishings, cleaning, and so on. Even after you move in, we continue to provide across-the-board support so that you can enjoy a worry-free living.

Stasia Capital is a leading global real estate company.

Global Real Estate Consulting

Discover for yourself our industry-top-class services and support.

Many investors in Japan feel that this is an era where it is impossible to survive without making the transition to operating in a global environment. With 9 offices around the world, the Stasia Group can offer the advice that is best suited to clients from a global viewpoint. If you are interested in finding out more about global real estate, please contact us.